Charie Shearer

"We started Turo-Turo from a passion."

Charie Shearer was the owner of Turo-Turo until September 2016. She started the cafe as a weekend hobby in 2009 with friend and chef Mary-Jane, out of a small flat in St Johns.

"I loved Jane's food so much, I wanted to share it with other Filipinos."

Their Saturday-afternoon project truly was a Turo-Turo, with only one or two dishes served up, but some of the customers back then are still customers today.

Even the roadside sign Charie built by herself is still placed outside every day to advertise the cafe.

Charie made no secret about Turo-Turo's philosophy.

"This industry is about one thing: people.

"We're not a fancy restaurant. We don't have flashy decor, or a sweeping view of Auckland.

"But I believe we have the best Filipino food, and the best people on our team.

"The staff at Turo-Turo, present and past, are like family to me. I care for them all, and my home - and heart - is always open to them. Without them, this business is just a kitchen and a few tables."

During her tenure, Charie worked at the cafe every day of the week, usually driving to buy stocks and helping out behind the scenes, but from time to time she pitched in to wash dishes or serve the food.


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