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About Turo-Turo - A Filipino Food Experience

Turo-Turo is a small but popular Filipino cafe-style restaurant, with Filipino food for eat-in, takeaway, and catering. It opened in 2010.

Turo-Turo Filipino RestaurantFrom Filipino favourites like adobo to essentials like sizzling sisig, Turo-Turo's menu is a must- try!
Hygiene ratingAll dishes are prepared with top quality meat and the best New Zealand and imported Filipino ingredients.

We take pride in meeting the highest standards of food hygiene.

Meet the Turo-Turo team!

Turo-Turo Philippine Cafe - Edgar Chef Arianne - Chef/ Front of House Mary-Joy - Front of House (casual)  


A Taste of the Philippines!

The Story of Turo-Turo

The word Turo (to-roh) in Filipino literally means "point," and refers to the Philippines' many roadside cafes and restaurants, where diners point to the dish they want.

Read a brief history of Turo-Turo, and the names behind it, here.

A Little Bit Famous Mel and Joey

Read about the November 2010 visit & TV broadcast on the Mel & Joey show by Pinoy celebrities Joey de Leon and Mel Tiangco, here!

Asia Down Under YouTube clip

See the Asia Down Under video of Turo- Turo's first birthday here.

TVNZ Neighbourhood OnDemand clip
Turo-Turo appeared on TVNZ's Neighbourhood (December 2012.)

Coconut leaf logoTuro-Turo's trademark is a coconut leaf, found everywhere in the Philippines, with colours recognising the national symbol of New Zealand.

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What Is Filipino Food?
What Is Filipino Food?

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