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Let's Eat - Kain TayoLet's Eat!

The generous culture of the Filipino

If you encounter a Filipino eating, that's the invitation you'll get:

"Let's eat!"

In the Filipino language, it's "kain tayo" (ka-in ta-yo,) and it's an invitation for you  to share the food in front of them, even if it's only good for one.

Visit a Filipino in their home and you'll immediately be asked, "have you eaten?" The polite answer is 'yes,' because they will otherwise prepare a meal for you. And insist that you eat it.

At the heart of these greetings is a deep culture of community, of looking after each other. It's the reason Filipinos have a reputation for being so friendly and hospitible, and so generous. They have a genuine concern for the welfare of others and an unquestioning willingness to share.

That's why Turo-Turo Philippine Cafe uses the phrase "let's eat!" in a lot of its advertising! An invitation for you to come and share in that Filipino warmth, hospitality, and food!

Photos: Rew Shearer 2015.  Model: Demi.

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