Turo-Turo Philippine Café

The Story of Turo-Turo

In January 2010, Charie Shearer and Mary-Jane Roxas decided together to start a restaurant selling Filipino food.

The dream was to create somewhere Filipinos could meet their friends, bring their workmates, and celebrate the unique and amazing Filipino cuisine.
Turo-Turo Philippine CafeAt the time, the only options for Filipino food in Auckland were a small takeaway in Panmure, or the few Filipino groceries scattered around the city.

The mission: authentic Filipino food.

Charie and Mary-Jane were joined by Conrad Bautista, who also believed in the dream, and gave his time and energy free of charge.

After months of hard work, negotiating with contractors, suppliers, and the Council, funded by the contributions of private investors from the local Filipino community, Turo-Turo opened on May 14th, 2010.Turo-Turo on Opening Day

The first months had their share of difficulties, with staffing and service issues; but gradually the café hit its stride - and built a loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

Soon, customers were visiting from as far as Hamilton, Tauranga, Whangarei, and even Christchurch to enjoy an authentic taste of the Philippines.

Ace - Turo-Turo Manager and Front of House 2011-2014 Current Turo staff include head chef Edgar, front of house Arianne, and casual front of house Mary-Joy.

Past Turo staff have included chefs
Conrad, Marlon, Myrna, Nomer, and Jojo, cooks Rene and Enzo, manager Ace, fronts-of-house Eleah, Paula, Lorraine, Beya, Martha, Mia, Edita, Vivien, Wendy, Gracel, Demi and kitchen-hand Evan.

In May 2015, Turo-Turo celebrated 5 years in business.

On October 1 2015, Turo-Turo changed hands, and is now owned by Pinoys Best Point Company, Director Rebecca Lirio.

The future for Turo-Turo? Well there have been many requests for additional branches around the country and that is certainly one of the options.

In the meantime, two words sum up Turo-Turo Philippine Cafe:
kain tayo!!!

Turo-Turo's TV appearances:

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