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Catering Menu

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Adobo Adobo Chicken, pork, or both, cooked in vinegar and soy sauce
Bicol Express Bicol express Pork in coconut milk with green chillis
Binagoongan baboy Binagoongan baboy Pork flavoured with bagoong (shrimp paste)
Bistek Tagalog Bistek tagalog Beef and onions cooked in vinegar
Caldereta Caldereta Spanish-style beef stew with carrot and potato
Chicken pastel Chicken pastel Chicken with chorizo sausage in mushroom cream sauce
Chop suey Chop suey Stir fried fresh vegetables with chicken or pork
Crispy pata Crispy pata Tender pork hock with crispy skin
Escabeche Escabeche Pan-fried fish doused in Filipino sweet-and-sour sauce
Ginataang hipon Ginataang hipon Prawns cooked in coconut milk with pumpkin and string beans
Ginataang manok Ginataang manok Adobo sa gata - chicken cooked in coconut milk with chilli
Joyful Chicken Joyful chicken Fried chicken with gravy
Kare-kare Kare-kare Beef and beef-tripe in peanut sauce
Lechon baboy Lechon baboy The Filipino classic. Whole spit-roasted pig.
Lechon kawali Lechon kawali Pork cooked with lemongrass and served with Mang Tomas
Lumpiang sariwa Lumpiang sariwa Crépe-style wraps with chicken and vegetables. Served cold.
menudo Menudo Filipino-Spanish style pork stew
molo Molo Siomai (pork dumplings) in savoury broth
Pancit Canton Pancit canton Noodles with pork or chicken, shrimp and vegetables (also available as bihon and sotanghon)
Pancit palabok Pancit Palabok  Prawns, chicharon (pork scratchings), and more on a rice-noodle base
pinakbet Pinakbet Stir-fried vegetables with shrimp
Pinaputok na bangus Pinaputok na bangus Imported Philippine mikfish (bangus) stuffed and baked, Filipino style
Pinoy spaghetti Pinoy spaghetti Sweet spaghetti with beef mince sauce
Relyenong bangus Relyenong bangus Philippine freshwater bangus (milkfish) deboned and stuffed
Sisig kilawin Sisig kilawin Chopped pork with onions and chilli

Lumpiang Shanghai Lumpiang Shanghai Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce
Siomai Siomai Steamed pork dumplings
Tinumok Tinumok Pork with shrimp and coconut wrapped in taro leaves

Biko Biko Sweet glutinous-rice dessert served warm
Brazo de Mercedes Brazo de Mercedes Soft meringue dessert with a creamy filling
Buko pandan Buko pandan Jelly, coconut, and pandan leaves in a dairy dessert
Cassava cake Cassava cake Cassava and dairy dessert served warm
Leche flan Leche flan Caramel custard dessert
Puto Puto Rice cakes

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