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Biko Biko Sweet glutinous rice dessert (slice, or tray)
Filipino food - Brazo de Mercedes Brazo de Mercedes
Soft meringue with a creamy filling with sliced almonds
Cakes Cakes Selection of freshly-made cakes including ube flavour. 
Halo-Halo Halo-Halo Chilled dessert of baby coconut, ubé, sweet beans, milk, shaved ice, jelly. 
Halo-Halo Deluxe Halo-Halo Deluxe
Colourful dessert of gulaman, baby coconut, sweet beans, ube ice cream, leche flan, condensed milk and much more!
Leché flan
Leche Flan Caramel custard dessert (single serve or tray)
Puto Puto Sweet steamed cakes

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